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Walk to Remember

About Walk to Remember: Walk to Remember Foundation, based in Littleton, Colorado and focused on the Front Range communities of Colorado, is a Non-Profit organized to help those touched by all types of infant loss, including pregnancy loss, neonatal loss, stillbirth, and SIDs. It is directed by a dedicated group of volunteers whose lives have been touched by the loss of their child. To accomplish this mission they are dedicated to providing centralized bereavement support resources to those who need them, bereavement care packages to families who have recently suffered a loss, and bereavement education to medical professionals who are faced with patient care involving infant death. In addition to the bereavement support resources, care packages and education seminars, the foundation also holds an Annual Memorial Event as an opportunity for families to come together to remember their lost children.

How DenverMind Media Helped:

DMM worked with the board of Walk to Remember to create two powerful videos designed to bring attention to the important work that this non-profit is doing. The videos were all created with the non-profit budget in mind, but without sacrificing any professional quality. The videos have already been seen by many grieving parents and their families, and DMM is truly touched and honored to have been able to work on these videos.

“DenverMind Media, Thank you so  much for all you have put into the productions you have produced for Walk to Remember!  The responses we have received from our informative videos have been incredible and we are so thrilled with how many requests we have had to utilize the videos by other organizations to share the message with others!  Thanks for all you do to assist Walk to Remember by getting our message out!” – Amy Lugowski, President, Walk to Remember

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