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Equinox Theatre Company

About Equinox Theatre Company:

Equinox Theatre Company was born in 2009 with the mission to bring lesser-known and more challenging works to the stage in Denver, and a dual mission to help grow new talent artistically. In a difficult economy, Equinox Theatre Company was dealing with some struggles in marketing their productions, despite the high quality of their shows. Equinox needed some help with graphic design, social media and marketing concepts to help spread the word about the impressive talent appearing on their stage.

How DenverMind Media Helped:

DMM has created a wide variety of show posters for Equinox, giving their design a look that stands out and unifies their message of lesser-known works and edgy material. DMM also helped Equinox think outside the box, so to speak, giving them some creative marketing ideas and concepts that could be utilized show after show and at little or no cost to the company.

The results have been astonishing, truly. Equinox grew leaps and bounds. From having a show with just three people in the audience (sadly, that did happen) to selling out the 160-seat Bug Theatre night after night. The quality of the shows hasn’t changed, it’s always been great. DMM just took the stress of marketing out of their hands, allowing them to focus on what they do best. And to top if off, Equinox received not one, not two, but three Westword Best of Denver Awards in 2013 – just more proof that when we take the marketing stress off your plate, you can work to achieve great successes.

“DenverMind Media has proven to be an amazing help to our little theatre company. They have done so much more than just give us some pretty posters, they’ve given us the tools to be successful on our own. While we still use DMM for our Graphic needs, we have been taught many amazing techniques that have helped us to bring our theatre to more people – and it’s all been within our minuscule non-profit budgets” — Deb Flomberg, Equinox Theatre Company

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